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Introduction of Laboratory Equipment


        In order to better serve our customers ,The details of our existing test equipment are as follows:


        Celestron-TLP standard Test System (Transmission Line Pulse)

        ►Brand: Thermo Scientific

        ►TLP-Sample Screem: 

        ►Transmission Line Pulse (TLP)

            ESD STM5.5.1-2008, Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity Testing Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) Component Level.

               • CS-Current Source

               • TDR-Time Domain Reflection

               • TDT-Time Domain Tranmission

               • TDRT-Time Domain Reflection & Transmission


DTS-1000 Discrete device testing system
System Description:
Brand: Juno


DTS-1000 test system can be measured devices include diodes (Diode) regulator diode (Zener) transistors (Transistor), FET (MOS-FET) can test the SCR (Scr), the regulator (3Terminal Regulator, Shunt Regulator), discharge tube (TVS) and so on.


        DTS-1000 Discrete device testing system

        ►Surge generator:

               •10/1000us Test waveform system

               •10/700us Test waveform system

               • 8/20us&1.2/50us Test waveform system

        ► Electrostatic discharge generator

        ►Transistor curve tracers  


Surge generator
Brand: Prima
Equipment name:  Lightning surge generator
Code Name: SUG61005BG
Meet the standard:IEC61000-4-5、GB/T17626.5 


Intelligent lightning Surge Generator for electromagnetic compatibility - Surge (impact) immunity test requirements specifically is designed.The object of this product is to establish a common reference for evaluating the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to surges. provides a consistent method to assess the immunity of an equipment or system against a defined phenomenon.  



Open -circuit t voltage/short-circuit current

Waveform parameters of Open –circuit voltage: 1.2/50 μ s ,0.2~ 6kV
Waveform parameters of short-circuit current 8 /20 μ s ,0.1~ 3kA

Surge polarity

Positive / Negative


Synchronism 0 °~ 360 °selectable

Output impedance

Complex impedance: 2 Ω
Insulation withstanding test impedance: 500 Ω

Coupling path

Built-in, one phase three line, max 16A


Equipment name: Lightning surge generator
Code Name: SUG10/700G
Meet the standard:IEC61000-4-5、GB/T17626.5


Intelligent Lightning surge generator fully meets the requirement of IEC61000-4-5 and GB/T17626.5

,GB/T15153.1 standard. Used to assess the connection of communications equipment in the performance

when subjected to high energy from nature caused by lightning transient disturbance provides an

assessment based on.  




IEC61000-4-5 GB/T17626.5

Open -circuit t voltage/short-circuit current

CCITT Open -circuit t voltage: 10/700μs short-circuit current:5/320μs

CCITT Output impedance


Max. peak voltage range


Output polarity

Positive or Negative

Surge count



Equipment name: TVS Surge generators
Code Name: TVS 8/20
Meet the standard:IEC61000-4-5、IEC801-5


TVS 8/20


IEC61000-4-5、 IEC801-5 、GB/T17626.5

Open -circuit voltage/short-circuit current

Open -circuit voltage wave:1.2/50 μs ,0 ~ ±660V
short-circuit current wave: 8 /20 μs ,0 ~ ±330A

Output impedance

2Ω±10%(optional,Such as:4Ω,10Ω,30Ω,50Ω)

Output polarity

Positive or Negative

Surge count


Surge interval



Equipment name: Electrostatic Discharge Generator
Meet the standard:IEC61000-4-2,EN61000-4-2,GB/T17626.2 


Intelligent electrostatic discharge generator is designed specifically against electrostatic discharge immunity test requirements, and used to assess the electrical and electronic equipment to suffer from the operator and the surrounding objects electrostatic discharge interference, to provide a performance rating basis. 



Output voltage

0.2-- ± 30kV ± 5%

Output polarity

Positive / Negative /Switchable

Discharge capacitor


Discharge resistor

330 Ω

Current rise time

0.7 ~ 1ns

Working form

Discharge interval 0.05 ~ 99.99s,Testing form20PPS discharge; setting less than0.05s,be called single discharge

Testing functions

Contact discharge

Air discharge

Discharge times

Presetting times 1-9999 or infinite times


Equipment name:Transistor curve tracers


measurement DC parameter of diode, transistor,

maximum collector current up to 50A, meet the test of a semiconductor tube 500W