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Prisemi launched the direct drive e-mode GaN power IC-PDG7115

Time:2022-7-28 9:40:00


 Pain point analysis of traditional GaN devices


With its unique device characteristics, GaN device has been playing an increasingly important role in the field of fast charge. However, the gate voltage of traditional gallium nitride devices is very special. The gate threshold voltage is very low, and the gate voltage of about 1V can be partially conduction. The extreme pressure of the door is only about 6V. In order to cooperate with the traditional power controller, the engineer needs to configure the complex level conversion circuit at the gate, which is very inconvenient to use.




FIG. 1 Conventional GaN devices require a complex level conversion circuit at the gate


Prisemi introduces a new generation direct-drive GaN power IC


Prisemi has introduced a new generation of direct-drive E-mode GaN Power IC to face customers' pain points. The integrated drive circuit enables the traditional power controller to drive directly without the need to configure complex level conversion circuit.


FIG. 2 PGD7115 is a direct-drive GaN power IC without complex level conversion circuit


Highlight 1: PDG7115 no longer requires an external driver circuit

By eliminating the external level conversion circuit, PDG7115 can not only reduce the cost of system components, but also greatly reduce the interference of parasitic inductors and capacitors to the gate of GAN power devices, so that the gate of GAN can be protected from the risk of ringing overvoltage breakdown.


Highlight two: PDG7115 can directly accept the logic PWM signal drive

PDG7115 internal gallium nitride device is directly controlled by PWM signal, compatible with 5V/15V digital logic level. The built-in driver circuit can accurately saturate and turn off the power device after the logic level flip, avoiding the risk of GAN mis-passing and mis-turning off.

The full range of GaN solutions are released simultaneously


PDG7115 is a 650V 160 mω gallium nitride power IC, DFN5*6 package, very suitable for customers to build a compact 65W PD charger or other high-density power supply.


Prisemi will also be releasing the 650V 300mω PDG7113 and 650V 110Mω PDG7117, which together with the previously released discrete gallium nitride device PFH8FN65R110/16/300 form the Core Guide Technology GAN product matrix. This enables Prisemi to support the design and procurement of gallium nitride chips for the full range of power segments.


Prisemi is your reliable supplier of GaN products


Prisemi has been focusing on third-generation semiconductors for many years, focusing on the localization of related processes, supply chains and products. Prisemi has been working from the source, leveraging its advantages in power devices and process improvement over the years, cooperating with mature manufacturers and packaging plants in the industry, and committed to contributing to the expansion and security of GaN supply chain for customers.