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Prisemi campus activities | many exchanges between colleges training activities to speak!

Time:2022-5-31 15:54:55
Spring and summer intertwine with everything lush, it is a good time of year not to be missed
Prisemi was invited to participate in a number of school-enterprise exchange and training activities to share our innovative experience and industrial experience with students from all over the country.
1. "GigaDevice Cup" Technology and experience sharing lecture of the 17th China Graduate Electronic Design Competition "Arm Cup" in Shanghai Division
Prisemi was invited to participate in the technology and experience sharing lecture of "GigaDevice Cup", the 17th Chinese Graduate Electronic Design Competition "Arm Cup" in Shanghai.
Many experts and teachers from Shanghai Electronics Society, Shanghai Normal University, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Prisemi made wonderful sharing. More than 290 teachers and students from Shanghai colleges and universities participated in this lecture online. During the meeting, students exchanged enthusiastically with the teachers and experts.
Due to the epidemic, players will encounter more challenges than usual in the preparation process of this competition. Prisemi SOC said, "We believe that through this kind of exchange and sharing, we can deepen the understanding of the competition questions, increase students' interest in the chip industry, and raise students' awareness of using their initiative to build the domestic semiconductor industry with innovative methods. I hope everyone can make satisfactory works and achieve excellent results in this competition!"
2.  Shanghai IC urgently needed personnel training project phase II
In the second phase of the Shanghai IC Talents Training Program, Prisemi brought the theme courses "Development Trend of Fast Charging Protocol Chip" and "Vehicle MOSFET Manufacturing Process and Simulation". More than 60 students from many universities in China listened to the lectures online, covering design principles, experimental methods and tool application. It also includes industrial background, development trend, innovation value, etc., which is vivid and detailed.
"Training Program for Talents in Short Supply in Shanghai IC" is sponsored by Shanghai University and undertaken by School of Microelectronics of Shanghai University under the guidance of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission. This project is an important part of the talent development strategy of integrated circuit industry in Shanghai during the 14th Five-year Plan period, and also one of the core measures to construct the National Institute of Microelectronics Modern Industry.
Prisemi has always been interested in working with universities to develop talent in a variety of ways and with a lot of content. Welcome more students from semiconductor related majors to join our big family!