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Prisemi is included in the "white list" for resumption of work and production!

Time:2022-4-30 10:34:05
Dear Customer:
       Prisemi has been included in the "white list" of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology for resumption of work and production, and is steadily implementing relevant matters to promote full resumption of work on the basis of ensuring safety.
       Since March 18, Zhangjiang Science City, Shanghai, where the company's headquarters is located, has been closed and controlled. In order to ensure normal operations, the company has arranged for some employees to station in the company and warehouse. In response to the decrease in logistics efficiency in Shanghai, the company has arranged for the logistics to be sent directly through the processing plant, or sent to the Shenzhen branch for unified arrangement, striving to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the business.
       Customers with product and service needs can contact the relevant window personnel of the company as soon as possible, and all our staff will do their best to cooperate!