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Xiaomi Civi mobile phone, OnePlus cloud ear Z2 earphone | Let Prisemi bring you double happiness

Time:2022-4-22 10:55:35

Recently, Xiaomi launched the newly upgraded Civi1S mobile phone, which is mainly aimed at the female market. OnePlus released the main "beyond the same price and crushing experience" neck-mounted Bluetooth headset - Yuner Z2. Both products use high-performance devices of Prisemi to provide switching, electrostatic protection, surge protection and other functions.



Different from the flagship series that pursues extreme performance, Civi1S invites "post-00 Olympic champion" Yang Qian to endorse, mainly targeting the female market, the appearance is pure and shiny "miracle sunshine" color matching, and the weight is as light as 166 grams. In terms of photo beauty performance, Civi1S introduces a deep learning algorithm - GAN generative confrontation network technology, to achieve the effect of native skin beautification; in terms of battery life, it reaches 1.18 days, which is the current best Xiaomi phone; On the other hand, Civi1S is equipped with MIUI Smart Cleaner Master, which has been certified by Thiel Labs for anti-aging for 36 months. Civi1S adopts Prisemi's high-power and high-current MOSFETs on the speaker, and selects a number of TVS, ESD, SBD with excellent performance in small size and low power consumption, which are used in functional modules such as USB CC, SBU, and Vbus. Behind the brilliance of Civi1S is the continuous company of Prisemi


Recently, in addition to Xiaomi Civi1S, OnePlus has released a neck-mounted Bluetooth headset with the main feature of "beyond the same price and crushing experience" - Yuner Z2. Compared with true wireless TWS earphones, neck-mounted Bluetooth earphones are better in outdoor scenes in terms of portability, call effect, battery life, sound quality, etc., and are favored by young people who love sports nowadays. Yuner Z2 adopts the high surge protection performance and low clamping voltage TVS protection device of Prisemi on the Vbus side to ensure users' stable use experience in different scenarios.


In the first-line electronic products with both scientific and aesthetics, high-quality performance and high cost performance, you can often see the high-performance power ICs and power devices of Prisemi. This is due to our long-term cooperation with front-line customers, which has accumulated profound product technical strength, rich industrial chain resources, and excellent customer service team.Welcome to cooperate with us!