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Prisemi was invited to assist in the "Shanghai IC Talents Training Program"!

Time:2022-3-11 17:19:12

Recently, under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the "Training program for Talents in short supply in Shanghai Integrated Circuit" sponsored by Shanghai University and undertaken by the College of Microelectronics of Shanghai University started smoothly. This project is an important part of the talent development strategy of integrated circuit industry in Shanghai during the 14th Five-year Plan period, and also one of the core measures to construct the National Institute of Microelectronics Modern Industry.


Prisemi device expert and SoC R&D director were invited as "expert lecturer" and gave lectures on "Vehicle MOSFET Manufacturing Process and Simulation" and "Development Trend of Fast Charge Protocol Chip".


Fifty students from Shanghai Jiaotong University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Tongji University, Donghua University, Shanghai University, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen University, Jiliang University of China, Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics and other universities and scientific research institutions participated in the first phase of online training, and communicated with the expert lecturers.


Prisemi as semiconductor, listed companies adhering to the consistent industry sense of responsibility and sense of mission, efficient in achieving their own business growth at the same time, positive linkage with related universities, with many years of practical experience, to help the industry training set theory basis, speaking skills, macro view as one of the high quality talented person, help countries build a world-class integrated circuit industry cluster!