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Prisemi helps OPPO Enco X2 challenge the limit of true wireless earphone sound quality

Time:2022-3-11 17:15:21

OPPO Enco X2 is officially released. As the flagship headphone product within 2,000 yuan, it is jointly built with the world's top audio and video brand Dynaudio, and specially invited the famous Japanese musician Joe Hisaishi to speak. Prisemi OVP IC, ESD, TVS and other IC and device products are used in it.

In terms of active noise reduction technology, wireless connection configuration and user experience, the configuration of OPPO Enco X2 has basically reached the top level of this type of products on the market. In the blindfolded test of 15 musicians from the China Central National Orchestra, the sound quality is not inferior to wired Hi-Fi products.

There is no doubt that the top products also pursue excellence in material selection. This product uses Prisemi's high withstand voltage, low impedance, and ultra-fast response OVP IC to provide protection. The OVP IC can also provide adjustable overvoltage, overcurrent protection points and other settings, helping OPPO Enco X2 achieve high reliability in all aspects, allowing users to enjoy high-fidelity sound quality comfortably.

Prisemi’s multiple high-performance ESDs and TVSs also escort the product’s dazzling functions such as bone conduction voice control, the first binaural panoramic recording, and automatic device switching, and the ultra-small size contributes to the smoothness of the design.

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