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Redmi K50 gaming version is online, including multiple Prisemi products

Time:2022-3-11 17:12:32


 Tonight, the Redmi K50 e-sports version is officially released, linked with Mercedes-Benz. As the first flagship model of this year, the performance and appearance are full, challenging the limits of the industry.


 The Redmi K50 adopts a rare dual-C heat dissipation and 120W fairy second charging, which meets the demands of gamers to charge while playing.


Prisemi's high-performance MOS provides lasting protection for the fast charging interface, minimizes internal resistance under this type of package, and uses extreme parameters to help Redmi K50 achieve ultra-low power consumption. In addition to MOS, in the fast charging solution, a number of third-generation semiconductor GaN products from Prisemi have been launched one after another. In addition to the above products, CoreDirect SBD and ESD also provide protection with the smallest volume in functional modules such as backlight and Speaker of Redmi K50.


In addition to the above products, Prisemi SBD and ESD also provide protection with the smallest volume in the Redmi K50's backlight, Speaker and other functional modules.

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