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Prisemi won the "Wheatek Excellent Partner Award"

Time:2021-12-20 14:59:38


Prisemi got the "Wheatek Excellent Partner Award" recently - as a leading supplier of semiconductor components of Wheatek.


Founded in July 2015, Wheatek is an ODM service provider specializing in intelligent terminals and IOT solutions. Wheatek products include mobile phones, wearable devices, intelligent interconnection modules, intelligent central control of automobiles, wireless, intelligent education cloud platform etc..


As a strategic partner for many years, Prisemi supplies TVS, ESD, MOSFET etc. power components, as well as Audio PA and other IC products for Wheatek 's smart phones, watches, automatic payment machines and other product lines. In addition to protection function, Prisemi meets specific requirements such as high negative surge current and small size.


(Examples of Prisemi's main products in mobile phone application)


Under the intelligent revolution, people's needs for terminal applications are increasingly diverse. As a carrier of core functions, the importance of mobile phones is self-evident. According to statistics, the transition period has been shortened to four to five months, with an increasing number of modules and more complex circuits. Therefore, as a smart phone power components supplier, we need to secure reliability and stability of our products, and have enough ability on R&D and service to support customers’ updated demand.


Prisemi has become an important partner of Xiaomi, TCL, Transsion, Huaqin, Wheatek Technology and other mobile phone manufacturers. On the one hand, it can provide TVS/ESD protection device to protect the internal circuit; on the other hand, it can also provide power management IC to manage voltage buck or boost, charge and discharge.


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