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Built-in Prisemi protection IC P14C1N, the new Anker TWS product surprise online!

Time:2021-11-19 9:11:49

As the core supplier of PD fast charging and TWS headphones for Apple for a long time, Soundcore, the audio brand of Anker, has been performing quite brightly. Recently, Soundcore released the latest generation of Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro with ACAA 2.0 coaxial coil iron technology.

In addition to its colorful color scheme and lively appearance, its configuration is also "particularly impressive":

●Knowles moving iron and 10.6mm moving coil of ACAA2.0 coaxial coil design, supporting active noise cancellation.
●HearID can intelligently analyze the user's hearing condition and adjust the listening sound settings, as well as the transparency mode so that the user can sense the surrounding environment.
●Liberty3Pro is 30% smaller than its predecessor, with an ergonomic design and pressure-relieving adjustments to the ear fins, making it more comfortable for different users.
In terms of battery life, Liberty3Pro also maintains its due level of support for fast charging, wireless charging, and has a 7h single 35-hour overall battery life.
The Liberty3Pro, known as the "Super Power Egg", has generated a lot of anticipation since its release:
Liberty3Pro uses PRISEMI P14C1N overvoltage and overcurrent protection IC and electrostatic protection device PESDHC2FD6V3UF this time.
Prisemi's over-voltage and over-current protection IC P14C1N is used in Liberty3Pro's charging box motherboard and is well recognized by customers for its high accuracy and fast response to over-voltage protection.
The P14C1N has a DC withstand voltage of up to 32 V and a fixed overvoltage protection point of 6 V. In addition, its overcurrent protection point has adjustable peripheral resistance, adjustable overcurrent response time, and 10 mA overcurrent protection accuracy, which can meet the overcurrent protection requirements of different adapters and various products, making the application scenario very wide.
Another ESD device used, PESDHC2FD6V3UF, is applied to the headphone power input of the Liberty3Pro.

This is a high ipp, low Vc ESD protection device. Its main performance and features: