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PRISEMI Laboratory service upgrade Car gauge level test equipment is put on line

Time:2018-9-3 15:48:56

In order to meet the growing needs of new and old projects,Prisemi introduces a full set of iso7637-2 and iso16750-2 test equipment.This is a one-stop service platform To provide comprehensive based on the electrical transient conduction of a power line (ISO7637-2) and Electrical and electronic equipment electrical load test(ISO16750-2) project design, test rectification and project track.


All test items included in ISO7637-2 & ISO16750-2 equipment:


1)pulse 1

  The transient state generated when the analog power supply is disconnected from the inductive load

2)pulse 2a.2b

   2a:A transient phenomenon caused by a sudden interruption of current in a device parallel to the DUT due to a wire harness inductance

   2b:Analog direct current machine as a generator, the ignition switch is off of the transient phenomenon

3)pulse 3a.3b

   Simulate transient phenomena caused by switches

   The characteristics of these transient phenomena are affected by the distributed capacitance and distributed inductance of the wire bundle

4)pulse 4

   Simulate reduction of power supply voltage when  circuit is energized

5)pulse 5a.5b

  Simulate the transient phenomenon of the load dump



1)Overvoltage test

2)Power supply overlays ac voltage

3)Supply voltage slow drop and slow rise

4)The supply voltage is interrupted instantaneously

    Reset performance for voltage sag

    Start characteristic curve

5) backward voltage

6)Refer to ground and power supply compensation

7)open circuit test

8) short circuit protection

9)Insulation resistance voltage


Based on the above two sets of test standards, the rationality, safety, stability and protection ability of power circuit design can be more widely studied, which can better reflect the adaptability of power circuit in complex application environment. Moreover, the two systems are currently extended to other product scenarios.


Based on the above two sets of test standards, Prisemi provides a complete solution, which includes:

1.  TVS, ESD, Zener with high protection performance

2. overcurrent+overvoltage Protection class IC

3. Charging class IC

4. Power schottky and MOSFET

5. Customizable ICand PowerPassive device

6. High frequency suppression circuit

7. Anti-reverse, short circuit

8. Delay start-up circuit

9. Surge Combinational Circuits

In the iso7637-2 test program, Prisemi offers a wide range of applications in automotive electronic systems:


High power TVS for EMS、Wiper Control System、Body Control System、Battery Management System、Power Steering System、active suspension、Tire Pressure Monitoring System、Airbag control system、Start Engine Stop、Exhaust(oxynitride) monitoring system,truckmounted instrument、In-Vehicle Infotainment、GPS、TripREC、Vehicle locator、Charger、Charging pile------for example:

*Key recommended materials,Meet the design of DC12V and DC24V systems。


What about the testing capabilities of the above devices,how is the performance compared with other competitors' products,Please see below:

It is not hard to see that the performance of Prisemi products is equal to that of international brandscompared with domestic brands have stronger performance advantages


 DO-218AB is the main Package of PSM8S series,it can  provid Larger chip area and minimal thermal resistance :



For more details, such as standards, plans, products, please @prisemi, or visit the Prisemi lab guidance & experience:

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