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Prisemi obtained key research & development institution by Podong new district technology development fund

Time:2017-1-23 12:57:30

Pudong technology and business committee (2016) No.51 document, according to “Pudong new district enterprise research & development institution acknowledge method” about requirement of rechecking, through the examination and evaluation by experts, Pudong new district technology and business committee approve 309 research & development units of pudong enterprise as the enterprise research and development institution that are qualified for the annual review in 2016.

        Pudong technology and business committee (2016) No.52 document, according to “Pudong new district development fund management method”, outstanding enterprise election from 309 research & development institutions which are qualified of rechecking has concluded. Among them, 64 enterprises have obtained the key enterprises of science and technology development fund of Pudong. Among this 64 enterprises there are include Prisemi, Broadcom, Bright Power, Amlogic, Brite, Infortm, RDA etc. seven SICA members on the list which is the double recognition for these research & development institutions by Pudong technology & business committee.