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Electronics China concluded successfully on March 16th 2017

Time:2017-3-17 11:46:35

Mar.16th 2017, Electronica China Exhibition concluded successfully. In the three days, include Prisemi, Renesas, Rohm, Toshiba,  Seiko, Linear, ST, Fujitsu etc., more than 400 exhibitors from all over the world participated in this exhibition.

         In this exhibition, Prisemi presented achievements and experiences of respects of design, process, quality management etc. as well as display abundant product formation of integrated circuit and discrete device.

 Prisemi Quich Charge Solution 

Prisemi PSC54XX is a series product of switching lithium battery charge management, For different customers with various charging current requirements, Prisemi developed multiple current level products which adopted CSP package, so as to maximum save the area of PCB. And this series chip is portable and flexible. 

PCS54XX overall charging process adopted standard four-section charging model, accuracy of the charge voltage is +-1%.Three power MOSFETs were integrated in it what can be better to save BOM cost for customers. This series chips achieve 1.5MHz synchronous boost PWM control, can use minimum 1 uH inductance. Prisemi provided up to 2.5A charging IC, meanwhile provide a channel 5V/800mA boost voltage output which can support power for OTG as well as external devices.

 Prisemi EOS 


With function of smartphone further abundant , lead to charging frequency increasing, charging environment more complex and multiple, and quick charge solution application, all of these make the customer requirements for protection of Vbat & Vbus become higher, meanwhile multiple protection levels are needed.

According to market requirement, Prisemi provide EOS series product which are suitable for protection of Vbat & Vbus.

 Prisemi MOSFET 

The package of Prisemi MOSFET covered DFN, SOT, SOP, SOIC, TO series and so on which can be widely used in areas of smartphone, tablets, security, net-communication.

 Prisemi Small Package Roadmap 

           With smartphone and tablet high-performance development, components have been required to develop toward smaller, thinner and high accuracy. Always, Prisemi push product minimization actively. And now Prisemi can provide downsizing products include: ESD, TVS, MOSFET, Zener, Schottky, Transistor.